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EP Series UPS

EP Series UPS
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The renowned power solutions provider, Redo offers a wide range of EP Series UPS to sort out sudden power cut or interrupted power supply problems. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply, it offers Digital Energy™ VH Series UPS 700-3000 VA and Digital Energy™ EP Series UPS 700-6000 VA. These EP Series UPS are VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) on-line double conversion and high-performance.

Digital Energy™ VH Series UPS 700-3000 VA:
Redo Power Tech provides pre and post sales services for GE Digital Energy’s™ VH Series of UPS that contain VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) on-line double conversion and high-performance UPS designed for all mission-critical applications. The UPS range is designed with a unique failsafe bypass providing maximum security and reliability for the user and for maximum site flexibility.

With an attractively designed modern common tower or 19 inch rack mountable design, the UPS can adapt as network configurations adapt. Batteries are the core component of any UPS system. GE’s unique Superior Battery Management System ensures that this core component is protected at all times at the highest level. When batteries needed to be replaced, the procedure is easy, safe and can be performed without disconnecting the critical load.

Features and Benefits
• Voltage and frequency independent (VFI) double conversion technology eliminates power reliability problems
• Unique failsafe internal bypass for continued operation even in the event of UPS failure
• Tower and/or 2U rack design for all ratings; all support elements included
• Simple battery replacement without disruption to supported load
• Versatile communication with USB and contact interface, RS232, relays and SNMP
• Wide input voltage window minimizing battery usage
• Excellent short circuit protection
• Unique Superior Battery Management enhancing battery performance and lifetime
• Easy plug-in connection of battery packs for extended run-time
• Remote monitoring and control for unmanned or isolated sites
• Can be used as a 50/60Hz frequency converter
• Phase neutral reversal protection
• High overload capability
• Precise output frequency regulation
• High efficiency

• Mission-critical servers
• Telecommunication equipment
• Local area networks
• Internet servers
• Network components
• Process and telecom industry equipment

Digital Energy™ EP Series UPS 700-6000 VA:
We offer Digital Energy™ EP Series UPS, a perfect VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) on line double conversion, intelligent, cost effective and high-performance UPS designed to suit a wide range of IT networking, telecom and process control applications. The EP Series UPS is microprocessor controlled and equipped with RS232 and USB as standard and optional SNMP interfacing capability to provide power monitoring and management.

Advanced features of Digital Energy™ EP Series UPS 700-6000 VA contain hot swappable battery replacement by user, wide input voltage window, 50/60Hz auto sensing, selectable output voltage 220/230/240v, and battery start (cold start). Longer runtime options and 19" rack mountable versions are available to meet users’ exact expected requirements.

Features and Benefits
• On-line double conversion technology assuring ultimate power quality
• LED display - overload, on-line & battery status
• Fully digitally microprocessor controlled
• Programmable computer shutdown
• Lightning and transient surge protection
• Wide input voltage window
• Multiple user interface: RS232, USB, SNMP
• Plug & play
• Battery start (cold start)
• Automatic bypass switch
• Extended run time available

• Servers, hubs, switches and routers
• PC and workstation
• Cash registers, fax, modem and ISDN adapters
• Network components
• Telecom equipment

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